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At BottomLineGrowth, we create custom social media marketing plans tailored to your needs.  Our goal is to build a consistent online presence for each company we serve. With our extensive knowledge and desire to exceed your expectations, your company will grow as a result of using our services.

We offer:

Web Development

It makes no difference if you’re a Fortune 500 company or a small business of 1. If your business doesn’t have a website, you’re losing out to companies that do.


The internet has leveled the playing field between the big and the small guys. If your customers can find you online and like what they have, you have an equal shot of making a sale over any other competitor.

At BLG, our business model begins and ends with ensuring that you have a web presence that is worth taking notice.

We can help you with:

Web Design & Development

Website Redesign

Shopping carts & E-commerce sites

just to name a few of our services. And once you’re online we’ll continue by providing:

Personalized Attention

Timely Delivery

Superior Customer Service

SEO & SEM optimization

Ongoing Technical Support

It’s easy! We’ll get you online, get your product or service found and get you new customers and revenue! Call (818) 888-6733 to get a FREE quote.

Video Marketing

Did you know having a video on your website makes it 53 times more likely than text only pages to appear on the front page of search engine results such as Google?

Why not harnesses the power of online exposure! Your website is the modern day calling card of your company and brand. Use videos to make a lasting impression.

Google, Bing, Yahoo all include video as a vital component of Search Engine Optimization.

At BottomLineGrowth we produce videos for your internet and social media sites. These spots will help drive more traffic to your site, increase your companies sales and conversion rates and

From creation to completion, we will work closely with you one-one-one making sure to highlight your company’s personal brand of brilliance.

It’s time to engage and get personal with your current and prospective customers.

BottomLineGrowth is your Complete Internet Marketing Solution. But don’t just take our word for it. Put us to the test. Our Video Marketing Consultants are ready to help you take the next step on your road to Internet Domination. Don’t Delay. Give us a call at (818) 888-6733.

Mobile Marketing

It’s time to get Mobile!

Fact: The mobile industry is revolutionizing how we make decisions.

Did you know that 835 million people used smartphones worldwide in 2012(via Morgan Stanley)?

That’s impressive, but you’re probably still wondering how this could impact your business? Consider this:

79% of smartphone owners used their device to help them make a purchasing decision. (Google, 2010)

52% of smartphone owners accessed information about a product (reviews, etc.) while they were in a store to help them decide whether or not to buy a product. (Pew 2011)

21% of adults made a purchase after seeing it on Pinterest (PriceGrabber 2012)

Mobile marketing offers the best return on your advertising dollar and is the fastest growing sector of advertising and sales, consistently out performing print, television and newspaper ads.

Fact: 50% of business owners simply do not have a Web Presence, and for those that do, it is usually nothing more than a static website with Minimal Traffic.

That’s where we come in. At BottomLineGrowth, we have the Solution to Advertising that truly works! Your BLG marketing consultant will offer you a results-driven campaign that features no hidden costs or catches, no upfront costs and a fixed monthly rate.

Call us today to get started. We are standing by and ready to Mobilize! (818) 888-6733.

Social Media Marketing

Research shows that more Americans are spending their time on Social Media websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest to name a few. In fact, 79% go there to for product information and recommendations (Netpop Research, 2012).

Shouldn’t you be where they are?

Maybe you’ve tried to make your presence known on your own and find “keeping up” to be time-consuming or challenging. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ll create multiple posts per week on your behalf, manage your consumer responses and keep your customers engaged.

Our strategies are proven to generate interaction and response to your product or service.

We’ll study your company closely and then build a personalized campaign that will appeal to your target audience. Which sites? We can cover them all including

Bing Local



Google Places

Yahoo Local


And others.

(See also our Brand Reputation Management tab)

Get started today with a free Social Media Consultation. Call (818) 888-6733.


91 Million.

That’s how many searches Google will field today. With all the competition on the market, how can you get to the front of the line?

At BottomLineGrowth we are your SEO Pros!

Stand out in the crowd! Our SEO services will give you a LEG UP on the competition to get you to the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo and the others so that your current and prospective customers find you fast and quickly. But we don’t stop there. Once you get to the top, our consultants will continue to work behind the scenes to keep you there.

Get Found! Contact us today for more information on search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) and what it can do for you. (818) 888-6733.

Reputation Marketing

Why Does Your Business Need Online Reputation Management

Less than a decade ago, online reputation management services were considered superfluous and unnecessary. Many businesses thought there is no need to manage their online reputation and that it was a bad business decision and a waste of money. Many of these businesses went about their daily business totally unaware of the power that the internet had given to the average consumer.

With the advent of Twitter, consumers began to demand things from businesses that they purchased from. Large companies were forced to become more transparent with how they deal with their customer service and small businesses had to prove themselves based on merit alone.

When review sites like Yellowpages and Yelp hit the internet scene, the same companies that were ignoring the need for online reputation management services began to suffer. More and more clients, customers and consumers filled these review sites with nasty, negative and revealing testimonials of these companies. The consumer empowerment revolution had began and those businesses caught ignoring the need for reputation management services suffered the consequences.

Why Reputation Is So Powerful

Why should you care about what people say about you online? You’re busy running your business, why do you need to worry about what someone said about you on Yelp?

The answer to these questions lies in one of the most powerful selling tactics known to modern industry and it is called social proofing.

People buy what their friends buy. This has been a long known fact in the business world, but what is it that makes it true? Without going too much into the psychology of selling, let’s look into the “why” behind purchasing decisions.

People are social creatures. It is the social nature of human beings that has allowed us to adapt and overcome many obstacles. Deeply embedded in our nature is the need for social affirmation before we do anything. This need for social affirmation goes far beyond our friendly relationship with others, human beings make large life decisions, sometimes without rationalization, but based solely on social affirmation.

The same is true for individuals making purchases and interacting with businesses online. Users want to “see” that others are socially affirming a business before they proceed. Just by taking a look at the popularity of sites like Yelp shows you just how real and powerful social proofing is.

Why Do You Need To Manage Your Social Proof

One of the most powerful and easily recognizable examples of social proofing can be found in the restaurant industry.

How many times have you gone to a restaurant because your friend said they liked it? On the other hand, think about how many times you have avoided a restaurant because of the reviews you either read or heard about from your social circle.

Now, multiply this same example by the power of the internet and mass connectivity, and you can begin to see the trouble that your business might be in, if you ignore online reputation management.

Just imagine running a business successfully in the offline world only to be run out of business just because a few negative reviews were left on Yellowpages.

Managing your online reputation requires more than just having a profile on these review sites. Aggressive reputation management includes the act of collecting and updating positive reviews. Building your social brand and starting a stream of positive reviews. This is what we call Reputation Marketing. We believe Reputation Management is something you do on the defensive side of the business and Reputation Marketing is what you do on the offensive side of the business. One deals with the negative issues of Reputation and the other deals with the positive issues of Reputation which is creating a 5-Star Reputation.


To compete in today’s market you need the added edge of being online. In order to make sure that your online presence is one that builds your business and not one that tears it down, start taking action to managing your online reputation today! Begin creating a 5-Star Reputation for your business. Find out what your Business Reputation Rating is by Clicking Here!

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It makes no difference if you’re a Fortune 500 company or a small business of 1. If your business doesn’t have a website, you’re losing out to companies that do....
91 Million. That’s how many searches Google will field today. With all the competition on the market, how can you get to the front of the line? At BottomLineGrowth we...


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